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Cerca Alabang is a resort-themed residential condominium at the heart of Alabang in Muntinlupa City. In order to realize its promise of providing a luxurious condo living experience to its residents, the developers at Alveo Land incorporated modern amenities. These amenities are designed to help you achieve the kind of lifestyle that would facilitate your relaxation and invigoration without the need to go elsewhere. This is also a master-planned community; hence, every component of the entire development serves a purpose in enhancing the quality of life.

One of the main features at Cerca Alabang is its efficient drop-off and undergroup car access. The entire transportation network in this development is based on an underground system to ensure efficiency and to prevent traffic along the road. Hence, you can expect an easy flow of vehicles coming in and out of the building premises. You will also feel immediate relaxation once you enter the property because there is no noise pollution from the vehicular traffic.

The Cerca Alabang development area is also designed to be pedestrian-friendly. There are plenty of open spaces and landscaped areas that residents can utilize. You can easily get around the district with ease. This is where the underground transportation network can be of benefit. You no longer have to worry about contending with vehicular traffic to get around. At the same time, there are plenty of retail spaces on the ground floor area of this condominium building, which the residents can exploit and explore by foot.  The central rotunda is also designed with lush and green areas, which makes it an ideal spot to meet up with friends or unwind in.

There are a host of other shared amenities at Cerca Alabang, to which all residents have access to. The central lobby area is equipped with security personnel and concierge staff that are ready to accommodate your needs. The lobby is also helpful for when you have guests come over to your unit. Meanwhile, the security staff are available at the main entrance and roving all throughout the premises on a 24/7 basis. You can therefore feel secure and safe once you step inside this condominium building. There is also a mail room with designated mail boxes for each unit. 

For your leisure activities, there is an adult sized swimming pool and kiddie pool that is provided for all residents. This would be the ideal spot to cool off during the summer or to bond with your family. There is also a sun deck and a floating deck that you can relax in. Aside from the swimming pool, the kids can also utilize the play area. For those seeking an active lifestyle, you can use the fitness gym or the 300-meter jogging path available in this development site. For more green spaces, the developers of Cerca Alabang also built numerous flower gardens within the vicinity. 

The well-appointed amenities and facilities at Cerca Alabang combine to bring you a healthy and dynamic lifestyle. You can therefore recharge without the need to go elsewhere. All the relaxation facilities you need are located right within your home.

  • Drop Off Area and Underground Car Access
  • Open Spaces
  • Garden and Play Area
  • Pool Area
  • Retail Area and Open Park
  • Grand Lawn
  • Flower Garden
  • Central Rotunda
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